European Technical Experts Association

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European technical experts association - investment in your future

European technical experts association - investment in your future.

Actuality for business European Technical Experts Association in nowadays has got more than ever. Why it became so actual?

Everyday we come across with wide range of experts, and it is tend to be situations, where in production and service market it is hard for client to choose between many offers made by experts. How to determine which expert qualitatively fulfills commitments, who are committed to fulfill, and his qualifications leave no room for doubt. Who will help you make the right choice?

The ETEA is committed to solve all these complicated issues. An expert who has been certified in the European Technical Experts Association stands out on the marketplace with its impeccability and prestige worldwide!



The main objective of the European Technical Experts Association is to bring together the best experts in the chosen field of activity by certifying them with European-format certifications. The certificate issued by the ETEA is an indication that the expert meets the requirements. ETEA GIVES POSSIBILITY FOR EXPERT TO HIGHLIGHT YOURSELF IN MARKET. It is possible that ETEA is the only association that brings together and certifies the best experts around the world.

How to use prestige ETEA?

How to use prestige etea?

ETEA - it is one of the most prestigious associations in the world of certification market, that certifies specialists in various active business spheres. ETEA CERTIFICATION HAS LARGE ADDED VALUE in a free market economy, where customers daily experience different misconduct on the part of such experts. Those who intend to work with experts should be sure that the chosen specialist has an affirmative document about the services he offers, for which an active ETEA certificate is currently serving. The existence of such a certificate confirms that the specialist is a professional and he is worthy of trust.



The European Technical Experts Association brings together hundreds of technical experts across Europe, Asia, Eirase and Indochina in a wide variety of business sectors. They all know that investing today in their personal development can bring a straightforward way to the future. CERTIFIED EXPERT - IT IS A PROFESSIONAL AND LABOR PARTNER!

The process of obtaining a certificate

  • The expert applies for a certificate on the ETEA website;
  • Examination of the expert's compliance with the certificate;
  • An expert is certified if the conditions are met;
  • A certificate is issued for a term of 1 year;
  • The certificate is sent by registered mail to the address indicated on the application, as well as the possibility to receive a scanned copy of the certificate on the e-mail address. The digital copy of the certificate is sent to the application email address.

Start certificate receiving procedure

Step throught european format certificate obtaining procedure in few steps.

It will take a very short time.